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Alec Holland was a mutated superhero also known as Swamp Thing. Little is known about his past except that he is one with nature and a protector of "The Green".


Early life[]

Alec Holland was a scientist who created a bio-restorative formula that can solve any nations' food shortage problems. He is attacked in his lab in Slaughter Swamp, Louisiana who render him unconscious and plant a bomb in his lab hoping to destroy his research and kill him in the process. Alec awakens as the bomb explodes. Engulfed in flames, he runs into the swamp, drenched in the bio-restorative formula. The planet life then surrounds Alec's corpse, creating a body of green, imbuing it with Alec's consciousness and memories, creating Swamp Thing. He then serves the Parliament of Trees and becomes the protector of "The Green". He is in a sense self serving as he will only fight criminals and super villains if they threaten the life of "The Green" and not human life.

Justice League Dark[]

In order to locate Felix Faust, Batman and the Justice League Dark attempt go to find Swamp Thing at Slaughter Swamp. Swamp Thing agrees to transport them to Faust's observatory, but declines to join the group's fight as it does not threaten "The Green". When the Justice League tries to fight Destiny, Constantine summons Swamp Thing, who reluctantly agrees to fight Destiny. He is eventually defeated by Destiny, who rips Alec Holland's corpse from his body causing him to disintegrate.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War[]

After Alec Holland's body was reclaimed but "The Green" Swamp Thing was revived. Two years after the Justice League's defeat and deaths of the Teen Titans at the hands of Darkseid, the resistance force with the remaining heroes work to invade Apokolips. Swamp Thing appears when he is confronted by John Constantine, as a means to join the resistance force by destroying one of the three Reaper devices assaulting the Earth (the resistance force did not have enough people to attack all three Reapers at once). Exclaiming the humans earned their fate, Swamp Thing avoids responsibility, but Constantine convinces him to act as the "green" will be destroyed too despite not doing anything to deserve it enraging him.


With the Reaper in full operation right next to them, Swamp Thing agrees to destroy it as a large horde of Paradooms genetic hybrids of Parademons and Doomsday arrive to defend it. Later, Swamp Thing is seen wrapping himself around the Reaper in an act to destroy it while simultaneously fighting off a large horde of Paradooms. The Paradooms overwhelm Swamp Thing and proceed to eat him, while Swamp Thing manages to bring down the Reaper, resulting in a large explosion.

Since Swamp Thing is an extension of the Green and thus not an actual "Being" what was attacked and destroyed by the Paradooms was an avatar and Swamp Thing merely reconstituted himself else where after the battle.

After Barry Allen created another Flashpoint, Swamp Thing like the rest of the heroes and timeline ceased to exist.


Powers and abilities[]


  • Plants control
  • Superhuman Strength


  • Science




  • If Alec's corpse is separated from Swamp Things form, he will return to "The Green" within the Earth.
  • In the comics, Swamp Thing becomes the replacement for the life entity on Earth, thus becoming a White Lantern.