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Alfred Pennyworth was the faithful butler and legal guardian of Bruce Wayne. He assists Batman in anyway he can from the Batcave and at times in the field with him. He also cares and assists Dick Grayson & Damian Wayne in their roles as Nightwing & Robin.


Early life[]

Alfred Pennyworth is a former SAS soldier and long term butler of Thomas & Martha Wayne. He has known Bruce his whole life. He also saw Bruce as his own son.

Following Bruce's parents death he became his legal guardian and helped him through his grief. He later tried to convince Bruce that despite his investigation into the secret society known as "The Court of Owls" that his parents death was a random act of violence and not planned by the society and they are merely rumor and myth. As Bruce grew up he helped and encouraged him through his training to become Batman.

Flashpoint Paradox[]

Following Bruce's death and Martha's descent into madness, it’s unknown what became of Alfred, however since Thomas was the only one present at Wayne Manor and it was left in such disrepair that Alfred had more than likely left.

Son of Batman[]

Alfred is present when Bruce brings Damian to the Batcave and offers his services to him. He later gives Damian a tour of the mansion and eventually to his room. Even though Damian is sarcastic and condescending towards Alfred, he tells him that he’s far too old to care if Damian can understand sarcasm. During a conversation with Bruce he tells him that he’s the spitting image of Bruce when he was that age.

Batman vs. Robin[]

He helps defend Wayne Manor from the Court of Owls and later helps activate the cooling system in order to freeze the Talons.[1]

Batman: Bad Blood[]

He helps to stop the League of Assasins at the Tech Summit and defeats both Calculator and Mad Hatter.[2]

Justice League Dark[]

While not present, Batman mentions Alfred to Black Orchid on how he deals with the pain in his life and of loosing his parents. Explaining that Alfred is his source of strength.

The Death of Superman[]

Following Superman's death he’s present with Dick and Damian as Bruce stares out of a window mourning Superman.

Batman: Hush[]

To be added.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

While not present and not mentioned, He could’ve been killed by Paradooms.


He’s particularly snarky in dealing with Damian. He’s always seen as a calm and collected gentleman who never lost his temper and is shown confident. He’s also supportive and caring as he supported Bruce when he was struck with grief and PTSD when he lost his parents.


Martial Artist:


  • Dick Grayson has described Alfred as "a total badass".
  • Alfred is the only member of the Bat Family allowed to own a firearm.
  • As a former soldier, Alfred has combat training, and can handle hand-to-hand combat, as seen in Batman: Bad Blood