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Angela is the living spirit of Los Angeles. She tries contacting Constantine many times, only to give him nightmares and release his inner demons (accidentally).

Physical appearance[]

As the living incarnation of LA, Angela theoretically doesn't possess a physical appearance. She mostly appears in the form of an attractive woman. She possesses a slender yet curvaceous and attractive figure, well proportioned body, toned up by her tight skirt. She also sports a pair of round earrings and high heels.


As the living incarnation of Los Angeles, Angela watches over the city and tries to keep dangers to it to a minimum. She has a flirtatious and cunning nature. She appeared to John as an attractive woman (it is not clear if this is her inherent human form or she possessed the woman's body) to get Constantine's attention and has sex with him to keep him focused on her, so she can use the moment to reveal her true identity and show him the history of LA. She is willing to make comprises with those posing a threat, such as Nergal, if they keep their activities limited. Should someone make a great sacrifice helping her, she'll be more than happy to oblige; she agrees to Constantine's request to look after Chas.


  • Possession: Angela can possess anyone she wishes, as she has no physical form.
  • Telepathy: Angela can show others visions, this extends beyond the borders of LA as she was able to reach John at London.
  • Regional Awareness: Angela is aware of everything that happens in Los Angeles.
  • Seduction: Angela transfers the images of the city's history through a quick love-making. She seduces Constantine and have sexual intercourse with him whilst giving him a "history lesson". Throughout the scene, Angela is shown to be rather competent in love-making, since she can undo Constantine's clothes and arouse herself

    Angela having sex with Constantine


  • Angela currently is helping Chas Chandler start a new life, due to the aftermath of the Candever Curse draining his loved ones of the memory of him.