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Apokolips is a dark world and both the realm of darkness chaos and death fiery desert volcanic hellish dark nightmare and demonic home planet ecumenopolis and dark domain ruled by Darkseid. It's much more similar to Hell while New Genesis is also much more similar to Heaven. However, it was destroyed during the events of the Apokolips War.


Darkseid plotted his invasion on Earth with Desaad on Apokolips. During the battle Superman was captured by Parademons and taken to Desaad through a Boom Tube. While in Desaad's lab he explained that he wished to experiment on Superman and to integrate his Kryptonian abilities into a new breed of Parademons. Batman eventually arrived via Boom Tube to free Superman, however he found Superman had been driven mad by Desaad's machines and saw him snap Desaad's neck. He then moved to attack Batman. Superman and Batman later arrived back on Earth via Boom Tube and joined the rest of the league in defeating Darkseid and his forces, sending them back to Apokolips.[1]

At some point, Knockout escaped Apokolips and fled to Earth.[2]

Known inhabitants[]


  • There are no other New Gods introduced in the final film. Granny Goodness, Kalibak, Kanto, Mantis, Steppenwolf, Virman Vundabar, Mad Harriet, Bernadeth, Gilotina, Lashina, and Stompa, among others, don't seem to exist in the New-52 timeline, or they are simply in charge of other planets Darkseid conquered according to Wonder Woman.
  • Apokolips' light life and order counterpart New Genesis does not appear to exist in this universe, or another possibility is that Darkseid had conquered and/or destroyed it some time in the past.
  • Besides Parademons and Paradooms, Apokolips seems to have no real population, with the only other inhabitants being Darkseid Desaad and Knockout.




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