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The Apokolips Furies were a group of elite warriors that served Darkseid. After the failed battle between Apokolips and the heroes of Earth, Wonder Woman, Mera, Hawkman, Starfire and Martian Manhunter were captured and brainwashed under Darkseid's control before being freed.


The Furies were once known as the Female Furies. Knockout was the only known member but defected during the invasion of Earth. Their last known activity was before the battle on Apokolips, where they were conquering and occupying planets. Between the events of the first and last confrontation on Apokolips, they were unseen, presumably perishing during the battle with the Justice League or going defunct afterwards to pave way for new Furies.

In a failed attempt to stop Darkseid, the League and the Titans were defeated in their battle against Apokolips, to a point where five heroes were captured and underwent "Reconstruction", as their bodies were fused with robotic body parts and were programmed to serve Darkseid, the same way Hank Henshaw was turned into Cyborg Superman.

Two years later, when a depowered-Superman, Robin, Raven, John Constantine, and Etrigan infiltrated Apokolips, Darkseid ordered Batman to send the furies to intercept them. When the heroes were on their way to the Power Generator of Apokolips, suddenly appeared Mera, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Starfire, and Wonder Woman. Mera and Hawkman battled Superman in Lex Luthor's Kryptonite Armor, while Starfire fought Raven and Martian Manhunter fought Robin while Wonder Woman did one-on-one sword duel against Etrigan, the latter managing to kill Etrigan with his own sword.

After Constantine used her own Lasso of Truth to free Wonder Woman from Darkseid's control, she fought against the four Furies alone, allowing the heroes to enter the planets Power Generator.

After a lengthy battle, she was pinned down by Mera and about to be finished off by the remaining Furies, however, when John frees Cyborg from Apokolip's programming, he unknowingly frees the other Furies as well. Now free from Darkseid's control, they assist the remaining heroes in defeating Darkseid.

After recovering Flash, they arrive just in time for Cyborg to use several Boom Tubes to transport the Paradooms on Earth back to Apokolips and then sent it to "Knowhere".

On Earth, at the ruins of Titans Tower, despite being victorious the heroes lament on their losses. They later watch as Flash resets the timeline, creating another Flashpoint.






  • For some reason (possibly because they were the only ones to survive the Paradooms or maybe Darkseid thought they were the only ones worth turning) all of the Furies were originally non-human superheroes.
  • In the comics, the Female Furies are a group of female New God warriors who serve Darkseid. They operate directly underneath Granny Goodness, who trains all of Darkseid's soldiers.
  • It is unknown if they are also replacement of Darkseid's Elite and Female Furies.