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Arella was the lover of Trigon and mother of Raven. She was killed when Trigon destroyed Azarath.


Born in Gotham City, Arella was a depressed, aimless teenager who was chosen as the bride of Trigon after finding herself in a cult. Trigon introduced himself in a human form but later revealed who he truly was and forced Arella to conceive his child. In response, she would flee the cult, attempting to end her life via overdose in an abandoned alleyway. Arella did not die, instead encountering people from another dimension who offered her asylum. She accepted their offer and was taken to a place called Azarath - a realm of beauty, peace, and tranquility - located in another dimension. She would give birth in Azarath to her daughter, Raven. Raven desired to learn more about her father, as she did not fit in within Azarath. She would cast a spell to bring Trigon to Azarath, but upon his arrival, he emanated a Magical Shockwave that would destroy Azarath and its people. As the residents of Azarath ran for survival, Arella would stand in opposition to Trigon, praying, with her last thought being of Raven before being disintegrated in Trigon's destruction.




  • This is the second appearance of Arella in the animation world, as she last appeared in Teen Titans (2003 - 2006).
  • Arella and Atlanna are the only two characters to be killed by one of their relatives: Arella was killed by her husband Trigon and Atlanna was killed by her son Orm Marius.