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Arkkis Chummuck is a Green Lantern, whose purpose was to protect Sector 2814.


Justice League Dark: Apokolips War[]

Arkkis Chummuck along with 2 other other Lanterns were attempting to defeat Darkseid but was decapitated by Darkseid's Lasers after the other lanterns was killed.


  • Power Ring: Arkkis possesses a power ring, and is known to be the most powerful weapon known to the universe. It runs on willpower, and grants all kinds of abilities, like the ability to fly, fire energy beams, and create constructs of anything he can imagine.
    • Energy Projection: Arkkis's power ring allows him to create anything he can think of off the top of his mind, such as a hammer, a giant fist, and military weapons.
    • Flight: The Power ring gives Arkkis the ability to fly with the use of a green construct shield around him.
    • Force-Field: The Power ring also gives Arkkis the ability to create a force-field around him, being bulletproof and even able to sustain attacks from a Kryptonian.
    • Intergalactic Database: The lantern ring gives Arkkis the ability to scan any object, and telling the bearer what information it has in it's database. It's defective towards Darkseid's motherboxes, though.