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Asa the Healer was a demon and a friend of John Constantine. Its implied they had a sexual relationship somewhere along the line.


Constantine calls her to investigate the mystical affliction on Trish Chandler. Asa is not too pleased as she was in the middle of a three-way with a wood nymph and a dryad. However, she was able to tell John that Trish's soul was not in her body, which left it vulnerable to malevolent entities looking for a way into the mortal realm. Asa stayed behind with Trish's body and her mother Renee while Constantine and Chas went to Los Angeles to find the demon who was holding Trish's soul hostage.

Curious about the event that made Constantine go mad, Asa looked in the memories of Chas's wife, learning Constantine made the mistake of summoning Nergal to free Astra Lobe from her father's cult; because John had not placed a proper seal to keep Nergal contained, the demon slaughtered people and took Astra to hell.

Asa later heard John's yell for help casting the Candaver Curse to kill Nergal, channeling the love Trish and her mother had for Chas into Nergal. With that done, Asa's job was over.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Magic
  • Eldritch Blast
  • Electro-Blast
  • Hard Light Construct Creation
  • Healing
  • Illness Immunity
  • Illusion Casting
  • Shape-Shifting: Asa is truthfully a small, yet intimidating purple demon. However, she appears as a Caucasian woman with red hair in a purple nurse's outfit should someone call her to help in the moral realm. Though she will briefly lose this appearance if she is a conduit for a strong presence.
  • Immortality: Asa is capable of taking much more damage than a human, noting that if she had been one when Nergal used her as a medium, she would have (literally) been fried.


  • Deception
  • Medicine
  • Occultism


  • Asa admits that she does not understand the emotion of love, but she can feel fondness and concern for people she likes.