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LocationParallel Dimension


Azarath is a parallel world that was the former home of Trigon's daughter Raven.


Azarath is place located in a parallel dimension and home to the Azarathians. After falling pregnant with Trigon's child, Arella, was brought here from Gotham City (under her birth-name, Angela Roth) to hide from Trigon's evil and to shield her only daughter as best she could. A short time later, she gave birth to Raven and for a number of years lived in relative peace with her daughter.

Several years later, Raven who did not fit in with the people of Azarath and desired to know more about her father used her magic to summon Trigon to Azarath, at which point, he created a magical shock wave, which destroyed the entire city and vaporized all of its inhabitants including Arella. Raven was then taken to hell by her father who made her witness the atrocities that he caused. Over time, Raven driven by guilt and anger over the loss of her mother and the destruction of her home confronted Trigon while he was attempting to use her as a means to travel to Earth She then used her magic to seal him within a crimson crystal surrounded by a massive structure. Following his imprisonment she then fled to Earth.

Many years later, Raven brought the Titans to Azarath to explain her origins to the team and to show what Trigon is capable of if he escapes his confinement.

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  • Azarath is the only world not conquered by Darkseid.