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Captain Cold was a foe of The Flash.


Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox[]

Pre-Flashpoint Timeline[]

In the original timeline Leonard Snart was a criminal known as Captain Cold. He was seen working with his fellow rogues Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master and The Top who had been hired by the Reverse-Flash. Thawne activated bombs he had placed on the Rogues when the Justice League arrived, planning to kill everyone to tarnish the good name of the Flash which forced the Justice League to take the Rogues out of the city and disable the bombs. Wonder Woman took him out of the city and used his cold gun to freeze the explosive and tear it off his clothing, throwing it into the sky so it can explode safely. He was then arrested by the CCPD along with the rest of his allies.

Flashpoint Timeline[]

Citizen Cold JLFP Altered 001

Captain as Citizen Cold in Flashpoint

In the new timeline created when the Flash altered history by preventing his mother's death, Snart was apparently now a hero called Citizen Cold and Central City's protector. He was seen in the news battling Captain Boomerang and was a member of this world's Justice League. He took part in the final battle against the Amazons and Atlanateans, and was presumably killed either during the fight or when Aquaman activated his bomb.

Abilities and Equipment[]

  • Combatant
  • Cold Gun


  • In the original Flashpoint comics, Citizen Cold had a museum based on the Flash museum and was a controversial hero as he was willing to kill his enemies, while also having a dark secret and a past as a criminal that he keeps hidden. He was eventually murdered by the Flashpoint Iris West when she discovered he killed her brother Wally to stop him from revealing his past. However none of this was seen during the film.