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Cole Cash is Grifter, an formerly member of the Resistance in Flashpoint.


Flashpoint Timeline[]

At some unknown time, Lance ended up on the Flashpoint line, Lance first appeared along side Lois Lane and the Resistance. Later on, he and his resistance met up with Batman and the Flash's team. Grifter Helped Batman defeat Black Manta telling him it was a pity the two of them never teamed up while the world still existed. Batman called him the boy idiot before being shot by an energy blast by Ocean Master. Later on Grifter died around after being shot in the head by an Amazonian arrow. Being the last one in the resistance to die. You can also see the bodies of his fellow teammates around him. He also killed the Amazon who killed him by pulling the trigger as his body fell and shooting her in the head.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Peak human condition
    • Expert combatant
  • Expert tactician
  • Expert Marksman