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The Court of Owls was a secret organization dating hundreds of years back in Gotham City. After a fallout with their secret assassin, Talon, every member was murdered. The members of the Court all wear owl masks to cover their faces.


Batman vs. Robin[]

Talon attempted to persuade Robin (Damian Wayne) into joining the Court of Owls. Talon betrayed the Grandmaster, revealed to be Bruce Wayne's lover Samantha Vanaver, and seized control of the Court's army of zombified Talons to attack the Batcave. During the battle in the Batcave, Alfred changed the temperature of the cave to extreme cold, which froze the reanimated Talons. They are then destroyed by the Bat-Family, while Talon himself commits suicide when defeated by Robin.

Known members[]

Former members[]

  • Talon (deceased)
  • Owl Lieutenant
  • Mr Vanaver
  • Owl scientists