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DC Showcase: Constantine: The House of Mystery is a DC Showcase short film which serves as the narrative sequel to Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.


Immediately following the ending of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, where Constantine sent the Flash back in time to create a new Flashpoint, Constantine wakes up in the House of Mystery with no recollection of how he got there. Each room he enters, he is set upon and murdered by his friends who become demons. When Constantine escapes from the House of Mystery, the Spectre appears before him and explains that he put Constantine in the House of Mystery as a merciful imprisonment, a dream realm where could be very happy among his friends. It was Constantine's deep self-hatred and guilt that transformed his friends into demons as a subconscious form of self-punishment. The Spectre imprisoned Constantine in the House of Mystery to spare him from the punishment the Universe had prepared for him for his time-travel violations. The Universe is a living force and was harmed by Constantine's abuses and now the Universe will exact its own punishment. Constantine is dragged screaming into the light.



  • The artwork change seems to be meant as representation of the damage Constantine caused to the universe; considering the pre-Flashpoint timeline had artwork VERY different as well.
    • John himself has his trench coat replaced by a shorter one. With his gruff unshaven visage replaced by a goofier one with a few whiskers.
    • Zatanna's looks seem to be a reflection of what Constantine finds attractive; her hair switches between a perm and the last version's long hair. Her white and black outfit replaced with a black and red accented performer outfit with a monogrammed Z buckle.
  • It makes sense that the fake Zatanna keeps turning into a succubus. They're demons that feed off love/sex. In one scene, Zatanna is enticing Constantine in some lingerie; backing up that it's his subconscious creating what happens.
  • It was believed by fans that the blinding light at the end of the film represented the beginning of the Crisis on Infinite Earths antimatter wave. Meaning the Justice League just ended up trading Darkseid for the Anti-Monitor. It still represents a better outcome since the multiverse got rebooted anyway.
    • It was finally revealed that the Tomorrowverse is the successor to the original universe as an Constantine appears in the film Crisis on Infinite Earths part 1; being a shell of the sardonic warlock who grown old as homeless man who arrives on every since Earth the anti matter wave hits before it is destroyed . Implying he's serving as the Pariah of the story.
  • If Constantine hadn't been so self loathing, he could have had the perfect eternity that the universe kept denying him. One scenario had him and Zatanna happily married with children.