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Desaad was a servant of the extremely powerful New God higher extra and inter-dimensional demon and intergalactic conqueror Darkseid. He was killed by Superman after he escaped experimentation.


Invading Earth[]

Dessad was an alien demon Titan and New God. He appears somewhat deformed, but retains a basic human shape, but is nowhere near as powerful as Darkseid. He is one of the many residents of Apokolips. On Apokolips, Desaad was questioned by Darkseid as to what he had to report from their agents on Earth. He persuades Darkseid to invade when the heroes begin finding the Mother Boxes. Desaad notified Darkseid that heroes were springing up everywhere on Earth, and as such they were losing their element of surprise, prompting Desaad to suggest that Darkseid move up his time table for invading the Earth. Later on Earth, Desaad watched as a Parademon carried a subdued Superman to their base. At the base, Desaad began the process of turning Superman into a "super" Parademon, though soon after he was apprehended and defeated by Batman who prevented the process. He later made an attempt to escape, though he was killed by a mind-controlled Superman who snapped his neck.[1]

Powers and abilities[]


  • New God Physiology: Desaad is a New God and possesses many of the New God's traits such as an nearly infinite lifespan and enhanced abilities. However, he was easily bested by a mortal like Batman and easily strangled to death by Superman, making Desaad weaker than a typical New God.
  • Master Torturer: Desaad is the master torturer of Apokolips and utilizes many technology to make his torture methodology even more effective and painful.


  • His plan to create a "Super Parademon" ultimately was carried out by Darkseid, who created the Paradooms. It is possible that, since the Paradooms were augmented with Superman's DNA like Doomsday was, Desaad had taken some DNA samples from the Kryptonian while trying to transform him into a Parademon.
  • Desaad predicted the events of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. While torturing Superman, he revealed his inner desire to seize the Justice League and break them. However, he would not live to see this as Superman killed him.
  • In terms of the overall storyline, Desaad serves as the secondary antagonist of Justice League: War.
  • It is unknown why Darkseid didn't resurrect Desaad with the Omega Effect after the events of War, as surely, Desaad would be too useful to his plans and empire to remain dead.




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