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Destiny was an evil sorcerer, who was an enemy of Merlin and Jason Blood. Following his release and possession of Ritchie Simpson, he became an enemy of the Justice League Dark.


This version is an evil sorcerer and former opponent of Merlin's and Etrigan the Demon. Destiny was said to have been a former man of science by Merlin in Arthurian times before turning insane after wielding the power of his personal artifact, the Dreamstone. With it, he brought many towns to their knees by making them live their worst nightmares, but a group of knights led by Jason Blood attempted to defeat him. All of them were mortally wounded, forcing Merlin to unleash the power of Etrigan, which forced Destiny's soul into the Dreamstone.

It was revealed that John Constantine's old friend Ritchie Simpson made a deal with Destiny that would give him immortality to cure him of his disease. However, Destiny exploited a loophole in their deal by possessing him and wreaking havoc in a nearby city. While he was able to defeat Swamp Thing and Etrigan, Destiny was ultimately defeated by Constantine and Deadman. He was finally killed by Jason Blood, who used Etrigan's sword to stab him through the back and through the Dreamstone in his chest, destroying it. He is then sent to hell by Constantine along with his puppet Ritchie.



Powers and abilities[]


  • Master Sorcerer: Destiny is a powerful sorcerer. With the Dreamstone, his power increases even more.
    • Fear Manipulation: Destiny can manipulate people's fears via his various powers. However, certain people are immune to them, such as John Constantine and Etrigan the Demon
    • Energy Projection: Destiny can project energy blasts that are able to cause fear, like he did to Green Lantern.
    • Earth manipulation: Destiny can manipulate the earth to create daggers and kill various medieval knights.
    • Force Field Creation: Destiny can create highly durable force fields and some almost impenetrable.
    • Energy Construct Creation: Destiny can use his magic to create tangible energy constructs, such as when he created a giant arm to grab John Constantine and Deadman
    • Conjuration: He conjured a black sword in his fight against Jason Blood
    • Summoning: He could summon demons to help him fight
  • Immortality: As long as he is in possession of the Dreamstone, he is immortal


Expert Swordsman Destiny is a skilled swordsman (having centuries of combat experience). He was able to overpower and nearly kill the skilled knight Jason Blood with his sword

Occult Knowledge: As a sorcerer, Destiny has vast knowledge of magic and the supernatural


  • Dreamstone
  • Staff: (formerly) Destiny used to own a magical staff that housed the Dreamstone. He no longer possesses it