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"Gone! Gone! -- the form of man -- Rise, the Demon Etrigan!"
—Jason's poem to release Etrigan

Etrigan was an immortal demon whose soul was joined to Jason Blood's by Merlin during a battle with Destiny. Following Jason's death, Etrigan mourned his loss, and then left for places unknown before joining John Constantine in London to mourn Jason's death after Darkseid's successful invasion of Earth.



Etrigan was a member of the resistance.


Etrigan was summoned by Merlin during the Battle of Camelot. Merlin promised to release him if he ended the threat Destiny posed to Camelot. After Destiny was defeated, Etrigan demanded to be freed. However, Merlin went back on his word and bonded him to Jason Blood who was mortally wounded to save the young knight's life. Enraged, Etrigan lunged at Merlin, but the spell was complete and the two were merged.

During a fight between John Constantine, Jason Blood and The Demons Three caused by all of them cheating at poker, Constantine asked Jason to call used his magic to force Jason Blood to transform into Etrigan but Jason refuses. In a desperate act of survival Constantine used his magic to force Jason to transform into Etrigan. He then proceeded to kill all three demons despite them trying to convince him that as their all demons they're on the same side. After the battle, he changed back into Jason Blood.

After arriving at Felix Faust's castle to confront him for his attacks on the league, Jason willingly transforms into Etrigan to fight him.

Following the defeat of Destiny and the death of Jason, Etrigan knelt at Jason's grave to honor his fallen partner. He later teleported away to places unknown.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War[]

Etrigan makes an appearance two years after the Justice League's failed invasion of Apokolips and their complete defeat and deaths of the Teen Titans by Darkseid's Paradooms genetic hybrids of Parademons and Doomsday. After Jason Blood's death, Etrigan fell into a deep depression and stopped rhyming, drinking his sorrows away in a London pub with a grief-stricken John Constantine. When Raven and a de-powered Superman appeared and recruited Constantine to their mission, Etrigan tagged along, not having anything else to do. After accompanying the others with locating Damian Wayne, Etrigan grows a liking towards him after witnessing his cold attitude towards Superman and Constantine.

"And so it ends. My race is run. I regret nothing. It was fun."
—Etrigan's last words.[src]

Etrigan remains depressed and bored during the group's brief battles with the League of Assassins and the LexCorp soldiers during finding Damian Wayne and the boom tube from LexCorp. Later accompanying the main forces during their invasion of Apokolips, Etrigan grows happy and shows interest in something for the first time in a while as he does battle with Wonder Woman, transformed into a brainwashed cybernetic soldier by Darkseid. However, Wonder Woman eventually bests Etrigan in battle, killing him by stabbing him in the chest. As he falls into the depths of fire below, Etrigan exclaims that he has no regrets, even saying one last rhyme and saying his life had been fun.


Powers and Abilities[]


  • Demonic Physiology
    • Superhuman Strength: He is strong enough to overpower demons and battle superhuman foes such as Wonder Woman.
    • Hellfire projection: He can project hellfire from his mouth.
    • Immortality: Immune to diseases, but can still be killed.
    • Nigh-Invulnerability: He is bulletproof, and can withstand attacks from superhumans and magicians. However, he was killed by Wonder Woman in their fight.
    • Teleportation: He can teleport from Hell to Earth.


  • Master Combatant: Etrigan is a highly skilled warrior, able to fight on par against Wonder Woman.
    • Master Swordsman: He is master swordsman.
  • Arcane Lore: Etrigan has extensive knowledge on magic and the supernatural.


  • Mystical Sword: Etrigan can summon a mystical sword at will.


  • Etrigan has a habit of speaking in rhymes



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