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The Fortress of Solitude was the Arctic base of operations for Superman. It was created from the kryptonian spaceship that brought Kal-El to Earth.


After the death of Superman, the kryptonian A.I known as the Eradicator activated within Superman's spacecraft at S.T.A.R. Labs, crashing through the ceiling and launching at high speed towards the Arctic Circle.

Once at the Arctic, the craft burrowed into the ice, creating a large kryptonian structure out of the ice, creating a large living environment, technology as well as service robots. The Eradicator created a solid hologram based on Superman and flew to Superman's memorial in Metropolis and collected Kal-El's body, bringing it back to the Fortress and placing it within the spacecraft to begin Superman's resurrection.

It's unknown what happened during the Apokolips Invasion. It was possibly still active or destroyed.


Clark Kent/Superman

Eradicator - Protector