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Galius Zed is the Green Lantern of Sector 1123.


Justice League Dark: Apokolips War[]

Galius Zed along with 2 other other Lanterns were attempting to defeat Darkseid by shooting beams at him, but was shot down by Darkseid's Lasers. Galius was killed during the attack.


  • Power Ring: Galius Zed welds a Green Lantern Power Ring, the most powerful weapon in the universe. It runs on willpower, and grants the ability to fly, create constructs, and fire energy beams. Galius has an energy connection to it, such as being able to pull at back to his finger if it's lost.
    • Energy Projection: The ring can construct any object the welder knows of, examples are hammers, swords, guns, and military weapons.
    • Flight: The ring is able to give Galius the ability of flight.
    • Force-Field: The ring is capable of constructing a force-field, that is bulletproof and strong enough to block a Kryptonian's attacks. It is defective to Darkseid's beams and The Trident of Poseidon.
    • Intergalactic Database: The ring can scan almost any object object, and tells the Bearer information in it's vast database. It can scan anything the Guardian's know, but is defective towards Darkseid's mother boxes.