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Harvey Dent is the former respected District Attorney of Gotham City, until he became the criminal known as Two-Face and a continuing enemy of Batman but close friend of Bruce Wayne.


Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox[]

Harvey Dent was the judge of Gotham City, whom was eventually attacked by The Joker. The Joker kidnapped him, causing Batman to go on a hunt for the Joker, interrogating and almost killing her right hand woman Yo-Yo.


Formerly the District Attorney of Gotham City, Harvey Dent was an ally of Batman and Commissioner Gordon until he had acid thrown onto the left side of his face by a mob boss, scarring him for life. The incident drove Harvey insane and he became Two-Face, obsessed with chance and always carrying a double-headed coin, which he flips to determine his every decision. After being caught by Batman, he was imprisoned at Arkham Asylum.

Son of Batman[]

When Batman went to visit Killer Croc at Arkham Asylum with Jim Gordon, they passed by Two-Face's prison cell. As lightning flashed, his shadow is shown with him flipping his coin.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay[]

At an unknown point, Two-Face escaped from Arkham Asylum and hired Professor Pyg to give Harvey Dent surgery, so that Two-Face would be whole. This project was interrupted when Knockout and Scandal Savage came to see the professor for their own project.

Batman: Hush[]

Two-Face has been defeated by Batman and Catwoman.





  • His design in Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay resembles his design in Batman: The Animated Series. Even more so in his concept art where he has white hair.
  • His design in Son of Batman resembles Two-Face's design in Batman: Arkham City.