The Heretic was a member of the League of Assassins and a clone of Damian Wayne, son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, artificially aged and genetically enhanced by the latter to be a perfected version of Damian. It is shown that he desires Damian's memories of being a child and Talia's love above all else.


The Heretic is a clone of Damian Wayne which was artificially created and matured to to serve Talia and the League of Assassin's. However, even though he obeys Talia he has a burning hatred for Damian, who he sees as having all the memories of a childhood and the emotions of being loved, which he does not have.

After confessing to Talia that he wants to be loved by her and have the memories that Damian has, he and Talia embrace in a hug. However she shoots him while in the embrace and she describes him as "Weak" and demands another clone be created without the defects that the Heretic possessed. Damian while in Talia's custody at the time was disgusted with his mother for killing him.


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  • According to animator Phil Bourassa, the Heretic was the most tedious character to design in Batman: Bad Blood. In accordance to Bourassa, some DC Comics character just by name, like Black Manta, anyone can quickly take an image of it, but in the case of the Heretic, people who have him in mind would question his appearance and wonder the why his name is that.[1]