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Iris West-Allan is a reporter for the Central City Post and the wife of Barry Allen.



Iris West-Allan is a reporter for the Central City post and a great admirer of the Flash, often writing front page news articles about him. While admiring the Flash she began dating Barry Allen often disappearing during times of crisis and always being late to become the Flash and save the day. This put a strain on their relationship, with Iris believing that Barry didn't love her and didn't take their relationship seriously. Barry then revealed his secret to her and that he loved her. She was angry at him for a time but soon forgave him after she realized she loved him too and he was only trying to protect her and they resumed their relationship. Barry eventually asked Iris to marry him to which she accepted. After visiting Nora Allen's grave with Barry he told him that he can't save everyone.

Flashpoint Paradox[]

When Barry went back in time and prevented his mother's murder, it caused ripples within the timeline, changing Iris' life drastically. After arriving in a hurry at the Central City Post looking for Iris. Barry finds that no one there knows who he is. He then sees Iris walking towards him, however she embraces another man who is her husband with their child leaving Barry devastated that his life and marriage with Iris has been erased.

Return to the present[]

After Barry returned to the exact point he left before he created the Flashpoint Timeline, he visited his mother's grave finally accepting her death. Iris then found him there and they both embraced with Barry telling him how much he's missed her to a confused Iris who says she hasn't been anywhere. They both embrace and kiss with Barry happy he has restored the timeline.

The Death of Superman[]

While attending a meeting at the Hall of Justice Barry mentions to the team that he and Iris are getting married. He also encourages Clark to tell Lois that he's Superman as it brought him and Iris closer together as she understood the dangers of being with a superhero.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War[]

After Barry was captured by Darkseid, the New God's invasion force of Parademons laid waste to Earth. It is confirmed that Iris was among those killed during the invasion. Before she died, Barry made a promise to her to never use his powers to change the past. However, when Earth became uninhabitable because of Darkseid's actions, John Constantine convinced the weary hero to reset the timeline for a better reality.

Possible future[]

Once Barry stopped his past self from preventing his mothers death and thus preventing the Flashpoint timeline from ever existing, Iris meets Barry at his mother's grave. Happy to see his wife, they embrace each other and kiss.




  • Unlike the comics version of Flashpoint, after Barry restored the timeline, Iris and Barry are still married where as in the comics their marriage and relationship was erased.