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Jewelee was a member of Task Force X. She served alongside her lover, Punch. During a mission with Task Force X, Jewelee betrayed the Suicide Squad along with Count Vertigo, but was killed by Deadshot.


Retrieving leaked information[]

At some point, Jewelee was captured by authorities and placed into Amanda Waller's project, formerly known as Task Force X. After the Ocean Master was defeated by the Justice League, Amanda Waller sent her (along with Black Manta, Count VertigoDeadshot, and Punch), on a mission to recover leaked information containing files on Tobias Whale, a criminal and gangster, as well as to kill Whale.


The mission succeeds, but Vertigo and Jewelee betray the team and kill Punch. They plan to copy the flash drive and sell it. Waller overhears everything through Deadshot's communicator, and detonates Vertigo's bomb, killing him almost instantly. Deadshot shoots Jewelee so he doesn’t have to clean her blood off his suit and hair because Vertigo's blood already soaked it. Lawton and Manta return to Waller, having completed their mission.

Powers and Abilities[]