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Joe Chill was the criminal who was sent by Lewis Moxon to murdered Martha and Thomas Wayne.



Before Barry Allen created the Flashpoint, Joe Chill murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne in front of their son, Bruce Wayne. This event would cause Bruce to become the vigilante known as Batman.


Joe Chill JLFP Altered 001

Joe in Flashpoint

During the events of the Flashpoint, Joe shot and killed Bruce Wayne, but was beaten to death by Thomas Wayne before he could escape.

Main Timeline[]

When the Flashpoint was undone and the main timeline was created, Joe instead shot and killed Thomas and Martha Wayne and left the young Bruce Wayne alive, causing him to later become the vigilante known as Batman. He ran away from the scene before the cops could arrive.

It is unknown if he was killed by Paradooms or by Batman in the Mobius Chair during the Apokolips invasion.


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