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"Have a face full of fear!"
—Scarecrow to Nightwing[src]

Jonathan Crane was a brilliant psychologist lost his credibility when he obsessively took his experiments too far and descended into madness. Taking on the identity of the Scarecrow, Crane became a super-villain and opponent of the Batman in Gotham City, specializing in psychological tactics and chemicals that induce and manipulate fear.


Batman was pursuing some of Scarecrow's henchmen when Green Lantern intervened and caught them much to Batman's annoyance who told him that he needed them interrogated not caught.

Nightwing and Robin were called upon by Batman to find and capture the Scarecrow since he had to help the Justice League. The two tracked Scarecrow down and defeated him in his warehouse.



Short films[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Scarecrow had an appearance originally written for Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, in which he was to be captured by Nightwing and Robin. Although the planned sequence was eventually dropped from the finished version of the film, the brief sequence ended up being what became the short Nightwing and Robin.[1]
  • This version of Scarecrow has been following a recent since the version from Batman Begins trend of only having a mask and normal clothing as a opposed to a full-body costume.
  • Michael Rosenbaum previously voiced Wally West Flash in the DCAU