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Joshua Michael Allen was a supervillain known as the Parasite.


It is unknown what happened to Joshua for him to become infected with the Parasite virus. The Virus tortures him with hunger for energies. He tried to get Superman's attention by absorbing all of the guards' energies. He then managed to absorbed Superman's. Superman then tricked Parasite into melting scrap metal with his newfound heat vision which then encased him in a metallic shell.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Energy Absorption - Parasite can absorb energy from people.
  • Power Absorption - If Parasite absorbs the energy from a Metahuman or an Alien he can also absorb their powers. The longer he touches them the longer the powers will stay.
  • Size Alteration - The more energy Parasite absorbs the bulkier and bigger he gets.


Comic books[]