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The Justice League (Flashpoint Version) was a superhero team led by Batman/Thomas Wayne. the team had superpowered and highly skilled individuals dedicated to protect the world from alien threats, but in Flashpoint, the main goal was to stop the Amazons and the Atlantians altogether. Unfortunately the result of this was a failure as all sides was destroyed by an Altantian weapon that was victimized by Superman and Captain Atom. This decimated the Flashpoint version of the Justice League, with the sole survivor being Barry Allen.


The Flashpoint version of the Justice League consists of heroes and villians of the DC Universe. Its leader used to be Cyborg/Victor Stone at first until Thomas Wayne/Batman decided to lead with Barry Allen/The Flash. However the team lived short after an Atlantian weapon that was triggered by Aquaman who used the captured Captain Atom as a bomb destroyed the Flashpoint Earth, and everyone on the planet. Barry Allen was the sole survivor of the Flashpoint League having entered the Speed Force just before the destructive wave hit him erasing the the Flashpoint Universe.



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