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The Justice League were a group of superheroes who protected the world from many threats, such as alien invasions and supervillains.



At some point, the Justice League formed against a common threat. It seems the founding members of the team were Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, and Green Lantern. Later, Captain Atom and Cyborg joined the team.

Fighting Starro the Conqueror[]

The Justice League battled an evil alien threat known as Starro the Conqueror at one point, eventually succeeding.

Flash Museum Break-In[]

The Justice League intervened during a battle between the Flash and his rogues. In order to defuse bombs attached to the villains, each member took one member of the Rogues to save. Batman and Green Lantern took Mirror Master into space to remove the bomb, Superman closed his hands on Heat Wave's belt to wait for the bomb to explode, Aquaman used his powers to disarm the bomb on the the Top's belt, Wonder Woman took Captain Cold into a forest, where she used his freeze ray to freeze his belt, and throw it off of him, and Cyborg and Captain Atom took Captain Boomerang to disarm his bomb. Eventually, they made it back to the Flash Museum to put the villains in jail, before the Flash ran back in time and erased the universe.

It is unknown what happened to the Justice League.

Known Members[]