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"King Shark is a shark." - Only line.

"It's been an honor to fight by your side". - Last words before his death."

—King Shark[src]

King Shark was a metahuman member of the Suicide Squad with the physical characteristics of a human and a great white shark.


Justice League Dark: Apokolips War[]

He assists the reaming heroes along with the Suicide Squad to defeat Darkseid. He along the rest of his team are killed when LexCorp Building was destroyed. He was also John Constantine’s ex-boyfriend

Throughout most of the film, he repeatedly quoted: "King Shark is a shark" until, in his last moments, he says "It's been an honor to fight by your side."

Powers and abilities[]


  • Hybrid physiology: From unknown means, King Shark's DNA and cells were altered, enabling him to access his new-found powers.
    • Superhuman strength
    • Superhuman durability
    • Fangs


  • Kryptonite fangs


  • King Shark had a relationship with John Constantine.
  • He is voiced by the same actor who played King Shark in Batman: Assault on Arkham.
  • His continued line of "King Shark is a Shark" is similar to Groot from Marvel Comics only saying " I am Groot."
    • It may be more likely homage to the DC Abridged Universe on YouTube, where he can only say "I am a shark" in Assault on Arkham Abridged until getting the electro shock.
  • King Shark is, in fact, a shark