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The Legion of Doom is a team founded by Lex Luthor consisting of supevillains to defeat the Justice League and further Lex's goals of becoming loved by the city of Metropolis and continuing his criminal enterprises. However after the events of Justice League Vs. Teen Titans, the legion was defeated and because Lex Luthor pledged his allegiance to becoming a temporarily member of the Justice League to defeat Darksied, The Leigon of Doom is currently status as dissolved.



Seeing the potential threat of the increasing metahumans and the events of Darkseid's invasion, Lex Luthor decided that he needed to protect himself and the people of the world by putting together his own team of superheroes to combat the Justice League. However, Luthor didn't hesitate to use his team for his own criminal activities in order to get more power.[1]

Recruiting Members[]

Following the war of the Justice League at Atlantis, Luthor went to the prison of Belle Reve in order to recruit Orm as a member for his team, which was named Legion of Doom.[2] However, Orm apparently rejected his offer.

Eventually, Luthor recruited Cheetah, Solomon Grundy, Weather Wizard and the Toymaster to join his Legion of Doom and attacked the Justice League outside their Hall of Justice. Neverthless, the group was defeated and sent to jail, except Luthor who was placed under house arrest.[3]

Known members[]




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