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Lucius Fox was the president of Wayne Enterprises and a sought after businessman all over the corporate world. He is a great financial officer and a good friend/ally to Bruce Wayne. He also assists Bruce in his activities as Batman


There, his son suspects that Wayne Enterprises might be connected to Batman where it was most likely that they build tech for him. When he confronts his father, the two are interrupted by Damian Wayne's clone Heretic and his gang. Lucius is forced to let them into the vault containing Bat Tech with Luke held hostage and is stabbed by Heretic afterwards. He spends the rest of the movie in a hospital only waking up during the final scenes of the movie and smiled at his son Luke as he flew by his hospital window as Batwing.

After Barry Allen reset the timeline by creating another Flashpoint Lucius was erased from existence leaving his fate in the new timeline unknown.