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Mother Box

A Mother Box.

A Mother Box was a device used by Darkseid in his plan to invade Earth. Parademons were sent to Earth to place them in several cities, such as Metropolis and Central City. When activated, they would create Boom Tubes which allowed armies of Parademons and Darkseid himself to arrive from Apokolips.

One Mother Box was found by The Flash in Central City also with a deceased Parademon which was brought to S.T.A.R. Labs for examination by Silas Stone and his team. During an argument with his father Victor Stone removed the Mother Box from it's containment, at which point it activated along with all the other Mother Boxes around the world. The result was the energy released badly injured Victor, destroying one of his arm and legs and scaring his whole body. After he was moved to the "Red Room" to be healed by his father, the energy released from the Mother Box was stored within Victor and began to fuse the equipment which was healing him to his body, turning him into Cyborg. The result of this, he gained technopathy and learned about Darkseid and the Mother Boxes. Cyborg also retains the ability to use the boom tube technology whenever he needs it.

if any still exist, they were more than likely pulled into the Black Hole along with Darkseid, Trigon and Apokolips.



  • Mother Boxes are New Genesian technology and why they were being used instead of Father Boxes by Apokolips is unknown. One theory is that Darkseid either stole the Mother Boxes or created his own version of them.