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Mr. Freeze is Batman's enemy in Gotham City.


Victor Fries is a scientist trying to find a way of healing his beloved, Nora, who is very sick. He put her in the cryogenic stasis, but the funding for his research being stopped. When his lab shut down, a terrible accident batches Fires in cryogenic chemicals, leaving him only able to survive at low temperatures. Fries becomes the villainous Mr. Freeze and still hopes to find a way of curing Nora.

He tried his best to stop the Paradooms from killing his wife, but he and Nora are brutally murdered by Paradooms during the Apokolips Invasion.

Powers & Abilities[]

Mr. Freeze uses his scientific knowledge to create an ice gun and a refrigeration suit, which gives him super-strength and durability. The suit also protects his cryogenics-infused body after the lab accident, keeping it stable at the very low temperatures it needs to survive.




  • In this film Mr. Freeze is non-speaking while fighting Batman and Catwoman.