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Parademons (also known as Para-Demons) were the creatures and shock troops the makeup Darkseid's forces.


Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox[]

After the Flash restored the timeline, the Parademons arrived into the Earth's atmosphere via a Boom Tube.

Justice League: War[]

Darkseid used Parademons in his attempt to take over the Earth. Humans and other species were kidnapped beforehand and turned into Parademons, though several were saved when the Justice League defeated Darkseid.[1]

Parademons War

In the film, they are not inhabitants of Apokolips, trained to be soldiers for Darkseid like in the comics, but demon-like aliens from conquered worlds, transformed by nanomachines into an army of killers. Desaad even tries to transform Superman into a "Super-Parademon" by using these nanomachines, but the process is interrupted by Batman.

The first Parademon being tracked by Green Lantern and Batman tries to blow itself up with them. Batman takes out a few Parademons with a bomb like in one in Darkseid's base. The Parademons have dark green, electrically charged blood that doesn't stick to clothing or skin. The superheroes want to kill Parademons even after learning they're living beings kidnapped from planets and genetically modified—and some of them are human. Victor's transformation into Cyborg partially involves undergoing the same process, but he keeps his sense of self. The transformation that would turn them into Parademons that starts with the eyes.

Reign of the Supermen[]

Parademons Bloodlines

They were shown attacking Metropolis when the President was speaking.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines[]

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Justice League Dark: Apokolips War[]

Although some Parademons did appear, their successors, the Paradooms have now become Darkseid's new forces, who are part-Parademon and part-Doomsday and which defeats the Justice League and Teen Titans except Raven, Superboy and Damian.

The Parademons are shown when they encountered Etrigan and John Constantine.


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