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"I know all about your grandfather, he was a demon, and believe me...I know my demons."
—Raven to Damian Wayne[src]

Rachel Roth, also known as Raven, is a half-human, half-demon daughter of the inter-dimensional demonic entity Trigon the Terrible and the human woman Arella. Her birthplace and home realm is Azarath. She was a prominent member of the Teen Titans and the love interest (later girlfriend) of Damian Wayne, the current Robin.


Early life[]

14 years ago, during a Satanist group ceremony, Trigon appeared to the cult as a man. A woman named Arella was selected to be his bride, and was later impregnated. But after she learned the truth about Trigon, she ran away. Eventually, a group of people from another dimension saved her and took her to their realm, Azarath.

Raven was soon born and raised there. But due to her parentage, she didn't fit in. Eventually, Raven came to believe that if she knew more about her father, she would be able to make more sense of herself. One day, she accidentally summoned Trigon, and he destroyed Azarath, presumably killing Arella and the monks in the process, and took Raven back to his realm.

As the years passed, Raven could hardly bear the horrors of what she saw there. She learned that Trigon wanted to conquer Earth, but he needed a powerful conduit to open it to his control. Raven, being Trigon and Arella's daughter, was half-human/half-demon and could function as his way in, but Trigon underestimated Raven's magic. She trapped him within a crimson-red crystal, and formed a towering structure around it. Eventually, she escaped to Earth where she was taken in by the Titans.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans[]

Raven escaped her father's realm and yearned for a home. Starfire took her in at the Titans Tower. The night of the Hall of Justice's unveiling, Raven, now 14 years old, had a nightmare. The next day, during training, Beast Boy asked about it, but Raven dismissed it as just dreams. Upon meeting Robin, Raven sensed sadness. The next day, Raven healed Robin after Blue Beetle's Scarab blasted him in the heat of battle. She said the words "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos" and saw flashes of Robin's past. The Titans escorted Raven to her room to recover. Raven was unable to shake off what she felt from Robin. That night, Raven went outside and cast a protection spell on the team, without their knowledge, from being corrupted by Trigon. Robin appeared and thanked her for healing him. He didn't appreciate the part where she was in his head. She made it clear she wanted to left alone but he asked about the one that looked like a man. Raven dismissed it was a nightmare. Robin wasn't so sure. Raven became irate and told him it was none of his business then went through a portal. During Starfire's night of mandatory fun at the carnival, Robin and Raven laughed at each other's expense when they found some fun house mirrors. Raven observed that while he was insufferable, in his heart, he was a kind and generous soul. While watching Beast Boy and Robin compete in a dance off, the Corruptors (demons who could possess people's bodies) found Raven and told her to go to the hill beyond the tents. Trigon initiated contact and stated it was their destiny to be together. He reminded her she could bring him to Earth. Raven realized he was still trapped and vowed to fight him at every turn. The Corruptors blasted her. Trigon warned her. He observed how weak and lonely she became, aligning with chattel. It was beneath his contempt and he vowed she would know his glory. The battle spilled over into the carnival. The other Titans came to her aid. Raven informed them the Corruptors were demonic emissaries sent by her father. Eventually, Raven transformed and summoned her soul self, a powerful force within her, and banished the Corruptors from their plane.

Starfire recalled Raven told her she didn't have a father. Raven teleported them to Azarath and explained her past. They returned to the Tower, but Raven decided she wasn’t staying and felt she had to keep moving to throw Trigon off her trail. Robin disagreed and believed she stood a better chance of beating Trigon by staying with the Titans. Batman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and the Flash suddenly arrived and asked Raven to come with them for questioning. Robin protested and stated the Titans could protect her. Raven refused to leave with the Justice League and then realized Trigon wanted them there.

The Corruptors appeared and possessed three out of the the four Leaguers, but Batman saved himself by injecting himself with nerve toxin for Bane, forcing the Corruptor out of him, having almost predicted this after fighting a demonic Superman, manages to use a serum designed to be used on Bane in order to sedate himself, preventing one of the Corruptors from possessing and giving the Titans a chance to fight back. The Corruptor in control of Wonder Woman informed Raven that the corrupted Superman had just unearthed the Infernal Shrine, an ancient structure with magical properties built by Satanists. Another Corruptor in control of the Flash then stated that Raven was the shrine's final piece. The Titans challenged the Corruptors but were defeated. Raven agreed to go with them if they spared the Titans' lives.

In the aftermath, Raven was escorted by possessed versions of Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash. Cyborg was possessed, too, but didn’t follow as Blue Beetle blasted him with one of his weapons and freed him from the Corruptors' control. The remaining Leaguers arrived in the Middle East, 60 miles north of Kahndaq City. Raven went to the shrine and powered it. Raven begged Trigon to spare Earth but he refused.

Approximately 24 hours later, the Titans and Cyborg boomed to the shrine. They freed Superman first by stabbing him with a shard of kryptonite. While he dealt with Wonder Woman and the Flash, the Titans went for Raven but they were too late. Trigon crossed over. While the League tried to hold off Trigon in vain, Raven had a plan. She needed the crystal to trap Trigon again, so the Titans and Cyborg went to Trigon's realm while Superman, Wonder Woman and Flash held off Trigon.

Since the structure around the crystal was shielded, they had to head to it on foot instead of using teleportation. They battled wave after wave of demon spawn and then the Corruptors, who formed into a hell beast. Raven went ahead and unlocked the structure, but another Corruptor shattered the crystal with a sword. It took on the form of Ra's al Ghul, Robin's deceased grandfather.

While Robin dueled against the now-demonic Ra's, Trigon vowed to Raven that he would make her pathetic friends suffer and soon the souls of Earth would be his. He implored Raven to give up because she was weak like her mother.

Raven admitted her only weakness was loving him and hoping to be loved in return. She had friends she would give her life for and who gave her love and strength to do the right thing. She chanted and a shard of the crystal rose. Raven projected her soul self to Earth. It appeared beneath Trigon then engulfed him and dragged him into the shard.

But Raven knew Trigon would spend every minute trying to escape again. She would return everyone to Earth but she decided to stay and guard the shard. However, Robin didn't think it was her home and quoted Robert Frost, saying that home is the place where when you have to go there, they have to take you in. Raven looked at the shard then decided to go back to the Tower.

She wore the shard on her forehead like a chakra. In an ironic way, they could be together as Trigon once said. 10 days later, the Justice League confirmed no more signs of the Corruptors and congratulated them for saving the world and them from Trigon. Trigon ordered Raven to release him and vowed to kill everyone she loved. The Titans partied into the night with Cyborg. She bonds with Damian Wayne as they recognize each other as kindred souls and possibly developing romantic feelings for him.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract[]

One year after the Trigon incident Raven still remains close to Damian. She has also developed a sense of humor and makes a joke after Starfire beats Nightwing during a sparring session. She tries to help the newest recruit Terra with apparent nightmares. After she was kidnapped by Slade Wilson, her powers were transferred to Brother Blood, however following his defeat her powers were transferred back to her. After Tara's death she mourned her death and is seen growing close to Damian. She also brings him a puppy named Titus.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War[]

Raven makes an appearance during the Justice League's meeting to wage war on Darkseid, as the Teen Titans listen in on the meeting via telecommunication at Titans Tower. Raven is afflicted by Trigon's attempt to free himself after he was freed of his torture slightly as Damian checks on her. A few days later, after the defeat of the Justice League, Darkseid's army of Paradooms, the genetic hybrids of Parademons and Doomsday, raid Earth sent by the New God and Mad Titan itself, and the Teen Titans are violently killed. Raven is among one of the few survivors of the attack. Some time after the attack, Raven was alone after the death of the Titans and Damian Wayne's escape. Wanting to end the pain, she tried to kill herself, but was stopped by Superman, recently de-powered by Darkseid, and the two console each other.


Two years later, Raven and Clark Kent, Superman's human identity, locate John Constantine and convince him to join their mission, asking him to use a locator spell to find Damian. Tracking his location to a League of Assassins outpost, Raven uses her powers to teleport herself, Clark, Constantine and Etrigan, who accompanied the group, but she’s left severely weakened as Trigon continues to afflict her from the inside. Raven reunites with her former teammate, who reveals that he used the Lazarus Pit to revive Nightwing after his death in the Paradooms' attack, but left him in a mentally handicapped and insane state, much to Raven's disappointment in Damian. With Damian convinced to join the mission to try and break Darkseid's programming over Batman, Raven uses her powers again to transport the group to Metropolis where they meet with Lois Lane, who has recruited the members of Suicide Squad for their operation. As Raven and Damian share a moment alone, they reconcile their feelings for each other. Raven later attends the briefing of the destruction of Apokolips.


Raven is present when the remaining heroes assault LexCorp to make their way to the boom tube; their only means of traveling to Apokolips. When Damian is knocked down by Lex Luthor in his battle suit, Raven temporarily loses control and almost kills Luthor, but Clark's words help her regain control. Later, Raven asks Constantine if he has a means in taking care of Trigon should he ever emerge, and Constantine reveals that he does, but he won’t have to as long as Raven continues to remain in control. After Luthor supplies the group with Kryptonite-infused weaponry, Raven departs for Apokolips with Clark, Damian, Constantine and Etrigan while the rest stay behind to operate the portals and defend the area. Upon arriving at Apokolips, the group is confronted by Darkseid's Furies; members of the Justice League who were beaten but remained alive, converted into partly-cybernetic soldiers and brainwashed. Starfire, being one of the Furies, fights Raven, who tries to reason with her. After Wonder Woman was saved, she fights off the Furies while the group make their way to the power generator.


After learning that The Flash was the source of the planet's power, and freeing him, they head off to continue the mission, with Raven slowly losing her control over Trigon. The group comes into contact with Cyborg, who’s fused with Apokolips itself and subservient to Darkseid. After Cyborg is freed of his programming by Constantine, they’re confronted by Batman and Darkseid. Batman fights and defeats his son, but before he lands the killing blow, he’s freed of his programming by remembering his past, attacking Darkseid. Disappointed in Batman, Darkseid fires his omega beams, which Damian steps in front of to save his father, fatally wounding him. Watching this, Raven yells for Damian while losing control of Trigon, warning Constantine that he's coming. Constantine goes forth with his contingency plan as Trigon emerges, not fully free, but when Constantine offers his own body as a host for Trigon, Trigon has other plans; choosing Clark as his host and killing Constantine.


Mourning over the loss of Damian, Raven uses her powers to revive him. While Superman battles Darkseid, Cyborg plans to send the heroes to Earth while he sends Apokolips into a void of nothingness. Not wanting to leave Superman behind, Raven and Constantine come up with the plan to combine their magic to give Trigon a physical form, and he takes over the battle against Darkseid. While the heroes are transported to Earth, Raven says goodbye to her father, who thanks her for the gift of fighting Darkseid and tells her to be well.


Back on Earth, the Justice League lament over their failures and losses, despite being victorious. Batman announces to the group that despite the Reapers being destroyed, the damage was done, and the Earth lost 31% of its molten core, compromising the planet as well as over a billion of the population. Raven watches as the Flash runs to reset the timeline, creating a second Flashpoint, sharing her only kiss with Damian.

Physical appearance[]

Rachel is a pale Caucasian girl with purple eyes and chin-length black hair.

As Raven, she wears an indigo cloak that shadows her face, a midnight blue leotard, black opera gloves without fingers, grey leggings, and black high heeled boots.

In her White Raven form, her cloak the same, at the exception of its color, now white, and her skin less pale.

Her citizen form consists of a royal blue blouse with a black jacket and a navy-blue mini skirt with pleats. In Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, she also wore a cropped jacket of charcoal suede with a black blouse. She also wears fingerless black gloves.


During her early life in Azarath, Raven described herself as something of outcast being somewhat rebellious and unable to fit in with others, something she compared to her mother Arella. This inability to fit in with the Monks of Azarath caused Raven to be curious about her origins and thus sought to learn more about her demonic father. This curiosity also made her somewhat, accidentally summoning her evil father to Azarath which lead to the destruction of her home and the death of her mother. Despite having difficulties with the monks of Azarath, Raven was horrified and devastated by what she had done, showing that despite her rebellious personality, she loved her people deeply.

Black Raven

Coupled with being cyclical and introverted, Raven possessed a dry and sarcastic sense of humor

Accidentally causing the destruction of her home, people, and mother, along with the horrors she went through in Hell caused Raven to develop a much darker personality. By the time she escaped Trigon’s hellish dimension and domain and joined the Team Titans, Raven became very introverted, brooding, aloof, moody, and anti-social. She displayed little to no emotion, and preferred to keep to herself. She despised talking about her past, and tried to keep others from knowing about the tragic circumstances that defined her. She also possessed a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor.

The start of Damirae

Raven laughing and having fun with Damian, showing her hidden fun-loving and happy side.

However, while generally portrayed as aloof and unemotional Raven was by no means cut off from forming bonds with others. While she could sometimes act as cold and and somewhat rude to her teammates, she, in truth, deeply cared about them and their safety. While she never stated it out loud to them, she regarded Beast Boy and Blue Beetle as her brothers and Starfire as her sister, showing that she regarded them as her adopted family. This served as one of the main reasons why she kept her past and demon patronage a secret from them; in fear it would both endanger them and cause them to abandon her upon realizing the truth.

Raven pizza

With her father defeated and her bond with her team growing, Raven becomes more happy and positive.

After Trigon’s defeat and imprisonment, Raven personality showed much development. Her humor was much less dry and pessimistic, being able to make somewhat cheerful jokes with her teammates. She was much less introvert and offered help to her teammates when they were in need, including Terra who was often struggling with her nightmares.

Angry Raven

Raven admonishing Constantine’s cowardice showing her determined and strong willed personality during the Apokolips War

After the Titans were massacred by Darkseid’s Paradooms and leaving Damian to protect him from Trigon, Raven lost hope and fell into depression. Having lost her family yet again, Raven attempted suicide to end the emotional pain she was in. However, upon being stopped and comforted by Superman (who was de-powered after being injected with liquid-Kryptonite) she returned to her more introverted personality but also became more determined and hardened from her ordeals. She also developed a tremendous respect for Superman for continuing to fight despite loosing his powers. Their bond eventually grew close to that of a father/daughter relationship.


Raven smiling at Damian, reflecting her kinder and gentler nature in her new white form.

After resurrecting Damian, regaining her healing powers, finally being freed of Trigon’s influence and obtaining her new white form, Raven’s personality drastically changed. She became much more kind and gentle, no longer being cold and pessimistic.

Raven also had a massively complicated relationship with her parents, especially with her demon father Trigon. By the time she joined the Titans, Raven seemed to have mixed feelings about her mother, as she was very critical and condescending of her for her terrible judgment and character which ended up causing all the suffering Trigon would unleash. However, despite her harsh criticism of Arella, Raven still loved her mother very much and was constantly haunted by the moment she watch her death and was wrecked with guilt over inadvertently causing it. As for her father, she feared, hated, and disowned him for destroying Azarath, killing her mother, and torturing her in his horrific universe. The two would maintain a bitter animosity for each other, after Raven rebelled against him and imprisoned him in her crystal, and was determined to never let him out. However, she still showed affection for him and solemnly bid him goodbye on Apokolips before his final imprisonment while fighting Darkseid.

Lex Luthor vs Raven

In anger, Raven nearly kills Luthor for injuring Damian, showing her caring and protective side towards him.

A key development in her personality, was the arrival of Damian Wayne. Unlike the other Titans who, initially, disliked him for his aggressive attitude, Raven was able to connect with him, due to their similarly introverted personalities. They quickly bonded with the two of them even showing signs of enjoyment and they even uncharacteristically laughed together. As the years went by, Raven and Damian’s bond grew so strong that they eventually fell in love with each other, though both were too shy to admit it. After the Titans’ massacre, when Damian asked her to join him in leading the League of Assassins, it pained her to decline but she did so to protect him from Trigon, who wanted to kill him. This inability to be with the one she loved was one of her motivations for attempting suicide.


In an act of true love, Raven and Damian embrace each other in a passionate and romantic kiss.

Even after being separated for two years, Raven’s feelings for Damian remained strong and their mutual affections grew throughout the mission to defeat Darkseid, having finally admitted how they truly felt about one another. She was also shown to be protective of Damian, showing a strong and murderous rage when someone injured him. She even went as far as reviving him, the pain of losing Damian being far beyond her. Right before Flash reset the timeline, in a final and ultimate act of love, Damian and Raven shared a passionate kiss with one another, confirming their true love for each other, before silently watching their universe disappear, as they embrace each other one last time.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Cambion Physiology: As the child of Arella and a supremely powerful inter-dimensional demon, Raven possesses great powers, both psionic and magical. Her psionic abilities, granted to her from her father, including:
    • Empathy: She can sense and control the feelings and emotions of others or gain knowledge of their intentions and their mental state.
      • Empathic Healing: She can heal someone by empathically entering their own subconscious mind and ease their pain. However, this ability leaves her exhausted. Raven was also able to bring Damian Wayne back to life, unleashing her true power as "White Raven".
      • Hypnosis: A master hypnotist, Raven can entrance other people into doing whatever she pleases. Through direct eye contact, she can hypnotize a person into remembering, altering or forgetting memories, falling asleep, and obeying her suggestions as if they were their own thoughts.
    • Telepathy: She can read minds and project her thoughts into others, communicate mentally and control other's people minds. She was able to see Damian's memories of his past.
    • Umbrakinesis: Raven has the power to create and control the element of pure darkness and shadows and bend it to her will; often using it in conjunction with her telekinesis.
    • Telekinesis: Raven can move, control and manipulate living being or inanimate objects with her mind, when she uses her telekinetic powers that manifest as a purple aura around herself and the targets she telekinetically controls (thought she can use her telekinesis without this aura around the target).
      • Telekinetic Aura: The aura around herself can shield her from energy attacks and makes her bulletproof.
      • Telekinetic Constructs: Raven can create solid psionic energy constructs, such as tentacles or sharp blades and concussive force blasts, beams, bolts or waves of purple/black telekinetic energy. She can even form strong, telekinetic shields, walls and discs that can withstand a lot of damage, but can eventually exhaust.
      • Telekinetic Flight: Raven is capable of telekinetically levitating and soaring through air, with or without her aura being around her.
      • Dark force Manipulation: Raven was able to summon a dark, raven like entity to defeat her enemies, also known as her Soul Self.
    • Teleportation/Portal Creation: Raven is able to envelop herself and her allies within her magic to teleport to other locations or dimensions, creating purple glowing portals. She is able to use these portals to travel within the same dimension or through different dimensions.
    • Demon Sensing: Raven was able to sense incoming demonic beings.
    • Demon Command: As the daughter of Trigon, Raven had command over his demonic minions.
    • True Form: Raven's skin can turn crimson red and her face becomes similar to that of Trigon's, which enhances her magical abilities and allows her to access extra reserves of power. While in this state, Raven's magic usually retains its signature purple tint, but by tapping into Trigon's power from within the gem on her forehead, Raven can summon his power and surround herself in a glowing red aura. Her magic is significantly more powerful while drawing upon Trigon and she can use her magic to perform more feats, such as summoning a red raven to ensnare Brother Blood and strip him of his powers.
    • Master Sorceress: Raven uses circles and symbols written in the ground for ritualistic magic, calling on the spirits of Azarath for strength and protection for her allies. She also meditates while in this ritual, levitating above the ritual circle. She used this ritual and mediation to accidentally summon her father to Azarath, as well as to put a spell on the Teen Titans to keep them from being used by Trigon. Her most common spell is "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" which she uses to focus, control and enhance her tremendous yet dangerous mystical and psionic powers.


  • Arcane Knowledge: Raven has a deep understanding of various magical rituals and spells from her time studying on Azarath.
  • Martial Arts: Raven is shown to be skilled in martial arts, making her far from defenseless even without her powers. She was able to defeat John Constantine with just a single kick. Damian implied it as well.




  • In the comics, her civilian name is Rachel Roth.
  • Instead of Beast Boy as in Teen Titans Go! and the comics, Raven has romantic feelings for Damian. They become a couple in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.
  • She is one of the three members of the Teen Titans who are still active and alive after Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.
  • This is the third animated appearance of Raven, with her previous animated appearances being the Teen Titans 2003 TV series and the Teen Titans GO! 2013 TV series.
  • Starfire mentions in Justice League vs. Teen Titans that Raven is 14, and is at least 15 by the time of Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, as it takes place one year after the events of Justice League vs. Teen Titans.
  • Much like the previous version of Raven from the Teen Titans TV show, Raven is only able to stop Trigon once she realizes that her friends accept her despite her heritage.
    • However, unlike that version of Raven, who obliterated Trigon, this Raven traps him in personal hell in the gem on her forehead, leaving him screaming to be released.
    • Out of all the members of the Teen Titans, Raven was the one closest to Damian.