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Rebecca Langstrom was the daughter of Kirk and Francine Langstrom.


She first appears attempting to getting her father to get come for a family meal with her and her mother. She becomes frustrated because of his devotion to his work and not to his family. When Kirk arrives he is blindfold and witnesses Slade Wilson hold a knife to her throat and telling him that he's changed the arrangement now Ra's al Ghul is dead.

In order to motivate her father to complete the Man-Bat formula and provide him with an army, Deathstroke imprisons them in a separate location sending Kirk periodic updates on their condition, threatening to kill one of them if he does not finish his work soon.

She is later rescued by Batman and Robin and embraces Robin affectionately. However, she uses this to whisper a message from Deathstroke to Damian and passing him a smartphone with a pre-recorded message for him. She also warned him to not tell Batman or Talia al Ghul will be killed.

Rebecca was later seen outside of a building many years later. Floyd Lawton thought that she was his daughter, but Floyd was stopped by Ben Turner, who was telling him to get his head in straight and continue with the mission. It is presumed that Rebecca may have ran away after her traumatizing experiences in Son of Batman.




  • She is a vegan like her parents.