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Renee Montoya was a detective working for the Gotham City Police Department.


One night, she went to a gay bar and noticed Kate Kane who looked pretty miserable. Renee struck a conversation with her. Kane enjoyed herself and even laughed. A drunk woman bumped into Montoya at the bar to order another round. Kate noticed her holstered handgun and asked if she was a cop. Renee replied she was a detective and asked if she had a problem with that. Kate admitted she didn't but was surprised someone as hot as her was a detective. Renee was amused. The embarrassed Kate was interrupted when she got an anonymous text from Dick Grayson, who was temporarily Batman at the time, to meet him on the roof across the street. Kate gave Renee her card and asked to call her. Renee was skeptical but Kane admitted she really liked her. A few minute later, Renee picks up the card and gives a smile.

After the World Tech Summit incident, Katherine went to answer the door to find Renee Montoya. Renee mused she was a little early but Kate's father said she was right on time and invited her in.

She was not seen or mentioned in Apokolips War, but she likely got brutally murdered while trying to protect innocent people from the Invasion. If she was still alive she was erased after Barry created a second Flashpoint.