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Roy Harper was Green Arrow's former partner code named Speedy. He is a founding and a former member of the Teen Titans and, like Oliver Queen, a highly-skilled archer.


Teen Titans: The Judas Contract[]

5 Years Ago[]

While Robin drove the team through the city, Speedy asked when he could drive the car. Robin stated it was his, so never. Speedy was the first to notice a portal in the sky and aliens fighting each other. The Titans observed the battle. Speedy remarked it was becoming a big weak for them, alluding to their victory over the Fearsome Five and now an alien brawl to break up. They watched as the lone girl was knocked down to the street. Speedy asked which side they should join. Bumblebee was annoyed with him. Speedy retorted appearances could be deceiving. They chose the girl. Speedy fired a zip line and perched on a building ledge then fired exploding arrows at the Gordanians. They returned fire. Speedy fired an arrow that released multiple explosives. With the girl's prompting, Robin hailed Speedy on comms and asked if he had anything to close the portal. Speedy screwed a device onto an arrow then fired it straight into the portal.

The explosion reacted with the portal, turning it red and reversing the flow. It began to draw anyone and anything into it. Once it closed, the girl kissed Robin and began speaking English then introduced herself as Koriand'r of the planet Tamaran. To Bumblebee's dismay, Speedy revealed he had taken up to second year high school French.

5 years later[]

By the time of Damian Wayne joining the team, Roy had already left. His current whereabouts or if he is still active in the superhero community remains unknown.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War[]

He is seen along with the rest of the Titans present during the Justice League briefing of attacking Apokolips. During Damian's flashback he is among the many Titans who were killed by the Paradooms genetic hybrids of Parademons and Doomsday sent by the Demon New God and Mad Titan.


  • Expert Archer: Roy has been shown to possess impressive archery skills.
  • Multilingualism: According to himself, he is capable of speaking French, however his level of extent is unknown.




  • It is presumed that Roy left the Teen Titans once he reached maturity, similar to Dick Grayson.
    • It could also be because of his drug problem led to him leaving the Titans and going to Rehab.
  • Speedy is voiced by Crispin Freeman, who also voices the character on Young Justice.
  • With Roy's appearance in the DCAMU, there's a possibility that Green Arrow exists in this universe as well. 
  • It's possible that Roy could've started a relationship with Donna Troy like in the comics
  • His former partner Green Arrow aka Oliver Queen isn't seen or mentioned in any films. While not mentioned and not seen in the films. It maybe possible Oliver Queen joined the Justice League as a part time member and he maybe possible got killed in the Apokolips War by Paradooms.