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Samuel "Sam" Lane was a four star army general, and the father of Lois and Lucy Lane.


Pre-Flashpoint Paradox[]

Sam Lane is the father of Lois and Lucy Lane as well as a high ranking member in the Army. He’s also the father in law of Clark Kent. He has a very frosty relationship with both his daughters. This is however due to him being losing his wife while his daughters were young and only wants to protect them from the dangers in the world. He however deeply respects Clark and trust him to protect Lois, while being at odds with his alter ego Superman, who he believes to be a threat to national security if he ever goes bad.

Flashpoint Paradox[]

After Abin Sur's spacecraft landed just outside Coast City the United States Government arrived and took possession of the ship itself and Abin's body. Thirty years later General Lane who’s an Air Force General not an Army General in this timeline was in charge of the project researching and re engineering Abin's. He personally gave Hal Jordan his mission to attack the Atlantian fleet.

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis[]

With the timeline restored Sam Lane is once again an Army General. He’s seen with the army confronting Ocean Master and his invasion force ordering them to stand down and return to the ocean. Following Orm's defeat at the hands of Aquaman he is taken into custody by General Lane and sent to Belle Revee.

The Death of Superman[]

General Lane was present at the funeral of Superman.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War[]

General Lane wasn’t seen or mentioned through out the movie but he and his soldiers were likely brutally murdered while trying to protect the public



Comic books[]