"Like the view? It's the only thing you'll catch tonight"
—Catwoman to Batman[src]

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In Batman's drug-induced hallucination, courtesy of the Court of Owls, Catwoman was one of the dead surroundings of an adult Damian Wayne whose rage destroyed Gotham City.

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Selina Kyle is Catwoman, a Gotham City villain who cross path with Batman on several occasions. Having largely left behind her villainess ways, she now operates as a frequent ally of the Bat-Family.

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  • Master Combatant: Selina is a highly accomplished fighter. She is capable of easily taking down several grown men at once, usually with a single kick. She is also able to hold her own against Batgirl, and defeat Scarecrow, albeit she was assisted by Nightwing.
  • Master Acrobat: Selina is also a highly skilled acrobat, being able to perform complex twists, flips, and somersaults to evade her opponents' attacks or to make a swift escape. Selina incorporates her prodigious acrobatics into her fighting style to make her movements more sleek and fluid, akin to an actual cat.
  • Whip Mastery: Selina is adept with the use of her signature whip. She can use it to grapple or swing away, as well as use it to ensnare people's limbs, and smack weapons out of their hands from a distance.

Equipment Edit

  • Catsuit

Weapons Edit

  • Claws: Selina's catsuit includes a set of sharp retractable claws on each hand, which she can use to slash and cut her opponents.
  • Whip: Selina's primary weapon is her signature whip, which she uses to swing around, ensnare opponent's limps, and smack weapons from her opponent's hands to disarm them.

Trivia Edit

  • Selina was first teased back in Batman Vs Robin in a hallucination and later in Batman: Bad Blood in a lucid dream sequence.
  • Her appearance is based off her look in DC Rebirth.
  • She has a long history with Bruce way before Bruce knew her identity, it is alluded that they did have a relationship(though short term) back in the day.

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