"Like the view? It's the only thing you'll catch tonight"
—Catwoman to Batman[src]

Selina Kyle, more famously known as Catwoman, was an international thief and an occasional ally as well as love interest of Bruce Wayne.


Early Life

Selina Kyle is Catwoman, a Gotham City villain who cross path with Batman on several occasions. Having largely left behind her villainess ways, she now operates as a frequent ally of the Bat-Family.

Batman vs. Robin

In Batman's drug-induced hallucination, courtesy of the Court of Owls, Catwoman was one of the dead surroundings of an adult Damian Wayne whose rage destroyed Gotham City.

Batman: Hush

Bruce met Selina at a party organized by his friend Tommy Elliot and became suspicious. She stole the money meant for a child's ransom while under the control of Poison Ivy. Bruce as Batman tried to chase her down but was interrupted by Hush. She and Batgirl save him from a group of thugs while he's injured.

Selina later hands over the money to Poison Ivy who kisses her to keep her under her hypnotism. She later agrees to tell Bruce about Ivy's location in exchange for a kiss, wanting revenge for her manipulation. The two start becoming romantically attracted to each other and she allies with him in order to take her down.

When they are confronted by Superman under the control of Ivy, Selina drops Lois Lane from the Daily Planet to break him out of the hypnotism. The three ally to take Ivy down who reveals that she was made to do it by Hush. Bruce and Selina later go on a date which is interrupted when Harley Quinn attacks them.

After a confrontation with Hush, Batman asks Selina to leave Gotham and entrusts her with his secret identity. She however decides to stay by his side and take down Hush. While investigating a graveyard break-in, she and Nightwing are attacked by Scarecrow, but she manages to defeat him. Selina is however captured by Hush.

Hush tries to kill her, but Batman's intervention allows her to escape her shackles. After Bruce gets injured in fight with Hush, revealed to be the Riddler, she helps Brice in taking him down. Batman tried to rescue him from falling to his death with his grapnel as the factory explodes around them.

Selina however decides to let the Riddler die and cuts Batman's grapnel line to allow them time to escape. She states that she understands his moral code but she isn't like him, deciding to end their relationship and hoping that they can resume it again someday.

Physical Appearance

Selina is a Caucasian young woman with olive green eyes and sports a pixie hair cut.


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  • Master Combatant: Selina is a highly accomplished fighter. She is capable of easily taking down several grown men at once, usually with a single kick. She is also able to hold her own against Batgirl, and defeat Scarecrow, albeit she was assisted by Nightwing.
  • Master Acrobat: Selina is also a highly skilled acrobat, being able to perform complex twists, flips, and somersaults to evade her opponents' attacks or to make a swift escape. Selina incorporates her prodigious acrobatics into her fighting style to make her movements more sleek and fluid, akin to an actual cat.
  • Whip Mastery: Selina is adept with the use of her signature whip. She can use it to grapple or swing away, as well as use it to ensnare people's limbs, and smack weapons out of their hands from a distance.


  • Catsuit


  • Claws: Selina's catsuit includes a set of sharp retractable claws on each hand, which she can use to slash and cut her opponents.
  • Whip: Selina's primary weapon is her signature whip, which she uses to swing around, ensnare opponent's limps, and smack weapons from her opponent's hands to disarm them.





  • Selina was first teased back in Batman vs Robin in a hallucination and later in Batman: Bad Blood in a lucid dream sequence.
  • Her appearance is based off her look in DC Rebirth.
  • She has a long history with Bruce way before Bruce knew her identity, it is alluded that they did have a relationship (though short term) back in the day.
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