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Siobhan Smythe was a super villain known as Silver Banshee.


She and Blockbuster teamed up with Zoom, who instructed them to get the card. Zoom's team met up at a strip club to find Maxum Steel but were hindered by Task Force X. Silver Banshee put up a fight until her throat was crushed. She was able to deliver one last sonic scream before they escaped in their RV. Their team went after the squad and ran into Maxum Steel. While looking for the card, Silver Banshee surprised Killer Frost and was able to capture her. When the team arrived at Vandal Savage's house, she was able to subdue him with her sonic scream. This allowed Zoom to steal the card from his heart. However, Silver Banshee was killed by Killer Frost by having her insides frozen.

Physical description[]

Silver Banshee is a slim young woman with Caucasian skin, gray eyes and white hair styled in an undercut. Her face appears to have white and black. The areas around her eyes are black, and her lips are black. Her ears are pierced. A black choker with silver studs is around her neck, and she wears a black vest with ripped sleeves and edges. Underneath, she has a black tank top exposing her midriff and skintight pants with holes a spiked belt. She also wears a small sleeveless dark gray hooded jacket. She has some black flame tattoos on both her arms. She also dons fingerless cycling gloves and boots.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Sonic scream: Silver Banshee is able to emit high-frequency sound waves through her scream.
  • Flight: Silver Banshee can fly.


  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant