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The Steel Armor Suit was developed by John Henry Irons. Following Superman's death, he retrieved the mothballed armor and completed it, adding a S-Shield and red cape to it in honor of the man who once saved his life. He uses the armor in conjunction with the Kinetic Hammer.

Capabilities of the Armor[]

  • Organic Steel Form/Coating: Steel's armor is covered in an organic steel that prevents otherworldly infections. The steel can be used to limit heart rate, effectively limiting emotional responses.
    • Power Distribution: On touch, Steel can coat others in this substance, with its effects transferred to them as well.
    • Personal Temperature Control: Steel's armor can heat up the surface temp. of its own skin in order to shed it as super hot drop of liquid metal that burns and sear's on contact with most surfaces.
  • Superhuman Durability: The armor is made of composite high-tensile alloy with micron thick reflective sealant to shield against microwave and subatomic particle radiation. The armor could survive inside Superman's stomach whose temperature is equivalent to that of a nuclear reactor, can also withstand being bathed in his stomach acid without being melted.
    • Energy Resistance
  • Superhuman Strength: It increased the strength of the wearer to an unknown degree (perhaps at the same level as Superman), but on one occasion Prankster wearing the armor was able to strangle a weakened Superboy to the point of stifling.
  • Flight: It could provide flight based on thrusters housed in the boots.
  • Computerized Control Systems: It had an on-board limited artificial intelligence that coordinated most of the armors systems and fed information to the wearer. The control system also allowed the armor a degree of autonomous function, this included responding to the wearer either summoning or dismissing the armor. In addition the armor has a Psyber-Link which allows the user to telepathically communicate with others.[13]
  • Sensor System: The armor was designed to mimic Superman's vision and hearing. It was able to perceive the entire electromagnetic spectrum and an expanded range of sound frequencies. In addition it had radiation and movement detectors.
  • Life Support and Energy System: It's equipped with a filtration/recycling system to to recycle oxygen, remove waste and convert perspiration into portable water and a system to control its internal temperature. The armor is embedded with solar cells to keep the armor fully charged.
  • Telepathy Immunity: Due to the iron ore of a meteor that was used in its composition, the armor provides protection against psionic attacks.
  • Wrist Cannons and Gauntlets: Wrist Cannons can fire metal spikes, rubber bullets and possibly concussive sonic grenades. The gauntlets can shoot an unknown form of energy, which is powerful enough to stun Supergirl.
  • Teleportation: A later addition to the armor was incorporation of teleportation technology.
  • Rivet Cannon: A short range weapon that fired red-hot rivets similar to those used in construction.
  • Sledgehammer: A standard sledgehammer which could be summoned and attached to the armor by electromagnets in the gauntlets and belt.
  • Energy Projection
  • Armed Combat
  • Scanners
    • Radioscopic Scans: His armor is able to analyze photonic energy given off from an object through readouts the armor gives.
  • Jet Boots

Capabilities of Steel's Hammer[]

Steel's current hammer has the ability to increase its kinetic energy the farther it is thrown. At a distance up to 20 yards, it can stop a car, at 30 yards a truck, at 60 yards a tank, and at distances greater than 60 yards its destructive capacity rivals that of Superman.

  • Inertial Damage Field: The hammer can also store the energy it has gathered along its flight path within the kinetic field and release it on contact with a target (on command), even if its flight is interrupted by a command. It is unknown how long this device can store such energy. This device appears to have the ability to temporarily disrupt temporal/kinetic energy in a localized field and manipulate it for limited effects such as energy transfer based on a linear distance traveled. Such technology may be alien in origin, and its owner and manufacturer bear watching because of it. Its power source is also unknown.
  • Programmable Flight: The hammer can stop in mid-air and be called back into his hands.
  • Voice Controlled: When Steel says "STOP", the hammer will stop in mid-air. When he says "RETURN", the hammer will fly right back into his hands.
  • Electromagnetic Sensors: The hammer has sensors in it to measure electromagnetic energy.
  • Electromagnetism: The hammer can create several electromagnetic effects such as an EMP to disrupt electronic devices in Steel's vicinity. It can also set itself in tune to the Earth's magnetic field, making it virtually impossible to move. When not using the hammer, Steel can magnetically attach it to his back.
  • Shooting laser beams


  • The suit was likely upgraded with some Kryptonian tech when repairs were being done to buff out the damage Eradicator did.