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Dr. Stephen Shin was a professor of theoretical marine biology.


Justice League: Throne of Atlantis[]

Thomas Curry once saw Shin on the news talking about his belief in Atlantis. Curry decided to write to him and asked for help. Believing his son to be half-Atlantean, Curry asked to talk to Shin in person about the matter. For years, Shin continued to work on his Atlantis research and theories. Shin was recently assisted in his research by a man named David. After witnessing Arthur Curry fighting several men outside a bar, he was sure he had the evidence needed to validify the existence of Atlantis. Shin wanted to confront him but David convinced him to delay that until the next morning.

After the Justice League finished their investigation of the S.S. California, Atlantis came up in conversation. Shazam recalled a show about it with Shin on. Cyborg went through Shin's research and thought they were "pretty out there" theories. Nonetheless, Batman decided he and Superman would go question Shin. Shin, meanwhile, relished that the world would soon believe him about Atlantis. He called David to thank him for the help and left for Mercy Reef. Shin went to the Curry Lighthouse and spoke to Arthur Curry through the door. He revealed Thomas Curry contacted him with questions, he had the answers and Arthur was the key to his research. Hung over, Arthur decided to let him in but discovered a sickle was thrown into Shin's back by an Atlantean soldier from the Drift One team. Blood streamed out of Shin's mouth and he fell over.