Steve Trevor is a government official and ally of Wonder Woman. After the Justice League is founded, he becomes the Government liaison officer with the organization.


Flashpoint ParadoxEdit

In this timeline, Steve Trevor is a United States agent and the lover of Lois Lane. He infiltrated the United Kingdom attempting to gain intelligence on the Amazons. He is later is killed by Wonder Woman by strangling him with the Lasso of Truth.


Similar to his New 52 counterpart, he is the U.S. government's liaison to Wonder Woman and later a government liaison to the Justice League.

Justice League: War Edit

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Throne of Atlantis Edit

He is now the liaison for the Justice League and has grown a beard, similar to his appearance in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. Trevor plays a small roll, talking to the President about the Justice League's name and later talks to Cyborg about an Atlantean attack.

The Death of Superman Edit

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