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Thanagarians are an alien species of winged-humanoids from the planet Thanagar, & they're a warrior culture. But don't be confused with angels.



Powers and Abilities[]


  • Alien Physiology: Thanagarians possess several gifts that are common to members of their race, but sets them apart from normal humans. A Thanagarian's life span is significantly greater than that of a normal human being. At one-hundred years of age, a Thanagarian physically resembles a 30-year-old Earth human. A Thanagarian is also physically more endurable than the average Earth human. They are stronger, with greater stamina and a greater resistance to pain. Thanagarians also possess enhanced senses.
    • Enhanced Vision: A Thanagarian's eyesight is more acute than a normal human and their range of vision is similar to that of a bird.
    • Enhanced/Super Hearing: A Thanagarian's auditory senses are also particularly acute and they can perceive sounds with greater clarity than the average human. They also have enhanced hearing, enabling them to perceive sounds far better than a human.
    • Supernatural Durability
    • Flight: Having large natural wings, Thanagarians have the ability to fly.
    • Super Strength - Thanagarians have immense superhuman strength, but not quite on the levels of other aliens, such as Kryptonians.
    • Super Stamina - Thanagarians' advanced musculature is considerably more efficient than that of a human. As a result, their muscles produce far less fatigue toxins during physical activity, compared to those of humans. Their stamina enables them to exert themselves at peak capacities for very lengthy periods of time without tiring at all.
    • Longevity - A Thanagarian's aging process is considerably slower than that of a human.
    • Technological Psionics



They are an advanced alien civilization though not as advanced as some other alien races, such as Kryptonians, who saw them as primitive and barbaric in comparison.

Notable Thanagarians[]

  • Katar Hol
  • Hawkgirl (although she isn't seen or mentioned, she is one of the Thanagarians. It's unknown if she exists in this universe)