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While Garfield and Damian were still dance battling, Raven heard someone people talk behind her back about making her follow Trigon to where he is, as soon as she follows their orders into forest right behind the fair that she and her friends were spending time at, she sees her father henchmen. As soon as Trigon appears in front of Raven, she thought that he was dead, still she refused be at the same side with her dad. Despite this, Trigon got very mad and started to let his henchmen attack her, but fortunately, Raven gains strength from the mother of Azarath in order to fight. While Raven was being attacked, Damian won the battle between him and Garfield so Jaime and Kori comments him by saying that he and Garfield were both great dancers. However, Raven and the henchmen arrives at the fair. Along with this information, Starfire commands her team to transform to protect Raven from them.


Just as soon as all the Teen Titans join the fight, it's finally revealed that Trigon is Raven's father. As the battle continues, the henchmen were very close to being victorious. When one of the henchmen was being knocked down by Starfire, when it regenerated again, Starfire stood right in front of Raven and had put her right behind her in order to protect her. Unluckily, that didn't last long and the henchmen pushed her away and was about at harm her, but Raven immediately came up to her defense by putting a shield in front of her. At the same time, it happened the same thing to Garfield and Jaime as well. Raven had surrounded a force shield around them so she can protect her allies and it looked like that she couldn't hold it for much longer. But all of a sudden, Damian appears from nowhere and saved his allies by attacking the henchmen.


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