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Thomas Curry was the lighthouse keeper in Mercy Reef, and the father of Arthur Curry.


One day Thomas met and fell in love with Atlanna their union led to the birth of their son Arthur. However, Atlanna was royalty and promised to the king of Atlantis. She could neither marry Tom or raise a halfling child. Atlanna left Curry to raise their son alone. A few years later, while mending a net, Curry warned young Arthur not to fall into the sea. After Arthur dove in, Tom hurried to pull him out. He didn't believe Arthur's claim of seeing Atlanna and told him the sea was playing tricks. Even though she left, Curry promised Arthur he would never leave him. At some point, Tom Curry saw Dr. Stephen Shin on the news talking about his belief in Atlantis. Curry wrote a letter to Shin asking for help with his son, who he came to believe was half-Atlantean. Some time after the Apokoliptian invasion, Curry passed away.