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Thomas Wayne was a respected surgeon of Gotham General Hospital and the owner and CEO of Wayne Enterprises. He was the father of Bruce Wayne, the husband of Martha Wayne. He becomes Batman after Bruce was killed and Martha becomes the Joker.


Thomas Wayne was a respected doctor and surgeon as well as the owner and CEO of Wayne Enterprises. He left the day to day running of his company to his business manager Lucius Fox. After walking through a dark ally after his wife Martha and son Bruce had been to the movies, they are confronted by Joe Chill who threatened them all with a gun. As Thomas was handing over his wallet, Joe reached for Martha's pearls breaking them in the process. While trying to protect her Thomas was shot and to silence Martha's screams Chill shot her as well and then ran off into the night. Seeing his parents murdered in front of him traumatized Bruce and imbued in him a strong sense of vengeance and justice to punish those who prey on the innocent. This inspired him to become the vigilante known as Batman.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox[]

Decades after his death, his fate is altered by his son's ally Barry Allen when he went back in time to prevent the death of his mother. This created ripples in time altered the original destinies of Many people including Thomas and his family. Similar to the original timeline Thomas, Martha & Bruce are confronted by Joe Chill in a dark ally. However, instead of Thomas and Martha being murdered at the hands of Chill, Bruce was killed instead. This causes Thomas Wayne to turn to a life of crime-fighting after his son's death and become this universe's Batman, albeit a more brutal one who is willing to kill. Martha in turn goes insane holding her son's body and becomes the Joker. This Batman doesn't care about crime outside Gotham City and has his successful casinos fund his seemingly fruitless fight on crime. Despite his cynical outlook, Batman reluctantly assist Barry Allen with a device to recreate the accident behind Barry's powers as the Flash. After the first attempt fails and the second attempt restores Barry's powers, Batman and Flash contact Cyborg for help in tracking down the government branch that hid the frail Kal-El. When Kal-El's freedom failed along with Flash's painful altered memories, the alternate Dark Knight tries to prevent the speedster's mental deterioration with his son's memory. As the World War between Aquaman and Wonder Woman reaches its breaking point, Cyborg's crude team heads to the final battle in Batman's plane. During the chaos, Batman and Grifter kill off Black Manta to which Batman dryly refers to Grifter as the "boy idiot" before the alternate Dark Knight gets injured by Ocean Master. In the middle of Professor Zoom's monologue to Flash, Batman appears and shoots Eobard in the back of the head. He somberly remarks that Flash can use the Speed Force now as he collapses. Flash tended to him before they noticed a destructive wave approaching. Thomas told the Flash to ensure that this world never exists.

Before Flash leaves to escape the alternate world, Thomas gives him a letter for his son. His actions allow Barry to prevent this doomed timeline from existing and creating a new timeline similar to the original, and he gives the letter to Bruce in the Batcave, which reduces him to tears.