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The timeline for the DC Animated Movie Universe isn’t thoroughly explained, and the franchise has numerous continuity errors with the New 52 comic book series and has also excluded popular characters. With only fifteen films, one feature film, two short films, one cameo film, and two comic book series, this is the timeline for this film franchise.

Rough Chronological Order[]

Pre-Flashpoint Timeline:[]

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox[]

This film deserves the top spot as the events are what ultimately leads to the rebooted timeline. A calendar on the wall in the Flashpoint indicates it's November, but at the end when Barry Allen wakes up in the new timeline, the calendar reads October.

New Timeline[]

Son of Batman[]

A chart shows up to presumably 2013, not much information is given.

Justice League: War[]

These events are set in November as that's when High School State Final's occur. It's crystal clear that Flash has no idea about the Flashpoint and the former timeline, as this film takes place in a point in time before Barry wakes up to give Bruce the letter sent to him by his father in the original Flashpoint.

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis[]

On a phone call, Steve Trevor corrects the person by saying that the team name was changed to Justice League the last week. But it's hinted that these events are the second time the Justice League are going to 'save the world'. Even further Diana is still getting used to the civilian thing, she and Clark were on their first date, Cyborg is still mad at his dad and Orm hatching this plan in the post-credit scene of Justice League: War. This theory was confirmed by Heath Corson, so to conclude it's been a little more than a week.

Nightwing and Robin[]

This short was set in an early portion of the events of Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, which is also included as a bonus feature on a DVD or home video. Ultimately confirming the Son of Batman took place within that week, which also confirms that this takes place in November 2013.

Batman vs. Robin[]

This film is set during late snowfall and a dialogue indicates that it's been months since the events of Son of Batman, and Damian is still 10 years old. Bruce's relationship with Samantha Vanaver had been going on for 3 months, which would have begun after Talon staring observing the new Robin as seen in the Nightwing and Robin short. So with all these facts lined up, this would mean that the film takes place in late February to early March.

Batman: Bad Blood[]

There is no confirmed date but it's mentioned that the Heretic has been around for 10 months.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans[]

A newspaper date of its sequel, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, is dated somewhere in 2016, making this take place in 2015.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay[]

With Professor Zoom's appearance, it's possible that this film takes place in October 2015, which would make the ending scene take place at that time.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay (Comic)[]

It's possible that it takes place a few weeks after the events of Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay taking into consideration over Knockout's hospitalization and the fact that Digger Harkness black eye and bruises have healed up.

Justice League Dark[]

The film occurs an indeterminate amount of time after Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. The League has expanded and continues to expand its roster, indicating it's at least a couple of years since the League formed in Justice League: War. It’s stated Constantine: City of Demons is a few years after the events of this film, placing it in late 2015 at the earliest.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract[]

The film picks up a year after the events of Justice League vs. Teen Titans, making the prologue to be set in 2011. A newspaper states "the treasury bond heavy quarter of 2016", making it something in late 2016 which would also make Justice League vs. Teen Titans taking place in 2015.

The Death of Superman[]

The League has a board meeting discussing their operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which is typically the last day of either March, June, September or December. Batman mentions that Damian is currently in boarding school, which narrows down the month to be either March or September, as schools would be out in both late June and December. Due to Reign of the Supermen being placed a couple of months before the Justice League Dark: Apokolips War prologue took place, it would make sense for it to be placed in March 2018, though the Justice League started in November.

The Death of Superman: Part 1 (Comic)[]

The comics takes place during and after The Death of Superman.

Reign of the Supermen[]

Takes place six months after The Death of Superman, so it’s accurately confirmed that the movie occurs in September 2018.

Constantine: City of Demons[]

Is dated as occurs in late October to early November 2018 based on a newspaper date.

Batman: Hush[]

Confirmed to take place in early November 2018.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines[]

The prologue takes place about a few months prior to the events of Justice League: War. The film's main, present events are confirmed to take place after Batman: Hush, making the film set later in November 2018.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War[]

The prologue takes place 2 years prior to the film, so the prologue would be dated sometime during November-December 2018. So the main, present events of the film take place sometime in 2020.

Constantine: The House of Mystery[]

Post-Script Season: Acts as this with respect to the DCAMU, given it takes place after the Apokolips War when The Flash ran back to create another Flashpoint. Constantine mentions that he has been trapped in the House for centuries due to the loop he was in. However, this truth might be embellished as Constantine is well known with his cynical personality to over dramatise the situation at hand.