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Titus was a Great Dane puppy who was found by Raven. She gave him to Robin as a gift.


Teen Titans: The Judas Contract[]

Several days after Terra's death, Damian was standing on the rooftop of the Titans Tower when Raven showed up. She was hiding Titus in her cloak and gave him to Damian as a gift.

The Death of Superman[]

Following Superman's death, Titus is present in Wayne Manor as Bruce and the rest of the family mourn the Man of Steel.

Batman: Hush[]

Damian and Titus calling with Batman In Batman: Hush Titus appears alongside Damian with Video Calls in the Batmobile when Damian is complaining about the relationship between Batman and Selina Kyle (Catwoman).

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

Titus first appears alongside Damian when Superman, Raven, John Constantine, and Etrigan arrive to seek his aid

At the ruins of Titans Tower, while Mera mourns her loss of Aquaman, Titus comforts her by laying his head on her knee. He later watches as Flash resets the timeline, creating another Flashpoint




  • Titus is well-trained by Damian. He remains calm and silent during his owner's video call and even barks in agreement to back Damian's statement.
  • In recent comic book history, Titus the Bat Hound is the Bat Family dog.
    • He is a reference to the DC Comics character: Ace the Bat-Hound. In spite of this, DC Rebirth introduced another Bat-Hound named Ace.
  • Similar to Ace in Batman Beyond, he is a German Shepard/Great Dane Mix, however he is brown in the comics.