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Toymaster was a criminal uses toy-based or toy-themed devices and gimmicks in his various crimes. His weapons, while sometimes comical, are also very dangerous. He also joined the Legion of Doom to battle the Justice League.

In the tie-in comic The Death of Superman: Part 1, Chapter 3 it was revealed that Toymaster was a robot that Winslow Schott created in order to take revenge on Bruno Mannheim.


Toymaster was a robot created by Winslow Schott to take revenge on Bruno Mannheim. He then joined the Legion of Doom and battled with Cyborg. After The Legion of Doom was defeated Toymaster then continued with his programming and started destroying all of Mannheim's hideouts until he was stopped by Superman.



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  • His origin is similar to the Toyman's origin in Superman: The Animated Series in that his father borrowed money from Bruno Mannheim to start his factory, However, unknown to him Mannheim set it up as a front for his illegal activities and Schott took the blame and eventually died in prison.
  • In The Death of Superman: Part 1, Chapter 3 Toymaster turned out to be a robot however it is unknown if there's an actual human Toymaster who built the robotic duplicate since Toyman in the comics has used robotic duplicates of himself while the real Toyman has already escaped.
  • Toymaster being a robot created by Winslow Schott is a reference to how Toyman would send out Robotic duplicates of himself to continue his plans while he's in jail.
  • The name Toymaster was used first in the comics by Hiro Okamura who was a heroic counterpart to Toyman.
  • This is the third time a version of Toyman has joined the Legion of Doom. The first one was in Superfriends and the second was in Justice League Unlimited.